The Issues


There are solutions and help available that are not being provided to our veterans and mental health community.

It's time to change that.

Dedicated to improvement the mental health of veterans and others in need.

On veteran suicide, for several years Dan has worked actively with a community that assists veterans with PTSD/suicide mitigation and re-integration into society.

Twenty-two (22) veterans take their lives each day.

This is an unacceptable failure of those who lead our country to fulfill the social contract we made with each of those young people when they put their bodies, minds, and spirit on the line for their country.

On this account alone, each incumbent should be removed from office immediately. Or they should make it a number one priority. There are treatments in Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies at the FDA that have effective reduction rates that can exceed 70%. That these life-saving treatments, administered by a psychiatric professional, are kept out of the reach of our veterans is simply unconscionable.