The Issues

Transparency & Declassification

Dan supports the full disclosure of information and maximum declassification to promote transparency in government.

If your government knows and you want to know, you should know.

The classification system is abused beyond comprehension and the public has a right to know the vast majority of what is being withheld.‍ I support a complete prohibition on stock trades for Representatives and their spouses, and enhancements to the ban on insider trading for anyone who derives information from a member of Congress or anyone in their family. The House of Representatives writes the rules. Members should refrain from playing the game at the same time. Should they wish to play the game again, they should immediately resign from their position overseeing the rules.

Within the House of Representatives, my proposed solution is structural. Each individual Representative has been stripped of the tools necessary to properly advocate on behalf of their constituents:

  1. Subpoena power - limited to the Congressional District, committees of membership, and by approval of the Speaker of the House;
  2. Legislative floor access to any member of the house who gets 45% co-sponsors on any particular piece of legislation that seeks to address a community need within their district.

At present, these two powers have been stripped from 95% of the representatives in the house. In so doing, 95% of the population has been disenfranchised from effective representation in the “People’s House.”

Support Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting, Voter ID, and an independent verification system where voters can ensure their votes are counted accurately. Transparency and accountability across the board.