The Issues


Determining the use of funds, misapplications, 
It's time to change that.

We need a more comprehensive analysis

My district is a suburb of Los Angeles, a city whose reputation for the exponential growth of its homeless population is known the world over. The City and County of Los Angeles are far more likely to actively interfere with any proposed solutions, than be of assistance.

As representative, I would use the inherent subpoena power of the office to demand answers on where the billions in tax dollars that have been spent on the problem have disappeared, yet the problem grows worse. Additionally, non-profit community groups and community churches need to be empowered to implement programs that attempt to address any of a set category of defined issues (homelessness, addiction, veteran suicide, education, etc.). This should include regulatory relief from abusive local zoning and ordinance rules that too often add tens of thousands in costs, and an unquantifiable amount of uncertainty on when, or even if, they will be allowed to attempt their solution to the problem.

The government should be removing obstacles from good ideas and helping their proponents to get over the regulatory finish line as soon as possible. It should not be placing superfluous and artificial barriers to actual solutions implemented by community members who are fed up with inaction by their local government.